How do I integrate Albi with CompanyCam?

Step by step on how to set up albi with CompanyCam.

1. Log in to your Albi account and go to your SettingsIntegrations. There you will see the CompanyCam integration option. Click “Connect.”

2. A sidebar window will appear, make sure to input your Email and your Access Token, Click “Connect

3. A blue pop-up will appear on the upper right corner of your screen indicating you are now successfully integrated!

4. Now that you are successfully connected to CompanyCam, click on the Blue Configure button and click on “Settings.” You have three options to select from that will trigger a new project to appear in CompanyCam. 

A) Every time Project Created: This option will create a project in CompanyCam automatically when creating a project in Albi. 

B) Certain Statuses: This will create a project in CompanyCam once you reach the selected status(es) in a project in Albi. Keep in mind you can select more than one.
Example: Project-123 is In production 

3. C) Certain Dates: This will create a project in CompanyCam once a specific date(s) is completed.
Example: Project-123 Arrived on Site.